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VAT Returns

Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants - Completing your VAT return

Value Added Tax (VAT) creates more headaches for businesses than almost anything else - and the demands on firms become more complicated and time-consuming each year. By using Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants you can ensure that complying with VAT becomes straightforward. Many firms find they inadvertently underpay or overpay VAT, while the sheer complexity of the VAT legislation trips many people up. Which items are VAT-able and which not? What about VAT on items which are partly for business use and partly personal? What about VAT on secondhand goods? The team at Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants can answer all these questions (and a myriad more you haven't thought of).

Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants - Ensuring you pay the correct amount of VAT

A big problem is that the rules are ever changing - each new Budget brings tweaks to VAT - so keeping current can become a full-time job for businesses and sole traders. Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants make sure you stay on the right side of the VAT legislation. Our team will decide whether you need to be registered for VAT, and we'll help you with VAT registration. We'll give you expert advice on VAT planning and administration, and steer you towards the most appropriate and cost-effective scheme for your business - whether it's 'pay as you go' or flat-rate. The team at Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants will help you stay on top of your VAT returns, advising you on VAT control and reconciliation and helping you to complete the VAT return each quarter if you prefer.

Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants - Avoiding problems with Customs and Excise

Our planning is based around you never having to speak to Customs and Excise, but the VAT Man has been increasing the breadth and depth of his investigations in recent years. If problems arise we'll be on hand to move you quickly to a resolution. We'll negotiate with Customs and Excise should there be a dispute and represent you at any VAT tribunals. As a VAT-registered company, you effectively become a tax collector for Government, so getting it right is crucial. At Sagoo & Co. Chartered Accountants, our work with clients is based on getting the practice correct, then making it as simple as possible. It means you save time, money and needless worry.

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